g-class_w463Modernized version of the SUV will appear next year
Mercedes-Benz has no intention to cease production of its SUV G-Class despite increasingly harsh environmental requirements. It told Car Advice vice president of brand Wolf-Dieter Kurz.

Top manager responsible for the product line of sports cars and SUVs at Mercedes-Benz, adding that the company not concerned about continuously the lowered standards for emissions.

“While there is interest in the G-Class, we will produce it. I can even announce that work on updating the model, which will affect not only the engines, but also the structure, “said Kurtz. He added that the most likely modernized SUV will appear more in 2016

Vice President Mercedes was asked about the fate of “cube”, after the Land Rover announced that stop classic Defender, as it will not meet the new requirements for environmental protection. According to Kurtz, the decision of the British will only be beneficial to his company.

“I’m always very happy when one of our major competitors leave the market. I am sure that the withdrawal of the Defender will positively affect the sales of G-Class “, said a top manager.


American tuning studio Hennessey Performance presented SUV VelociRaptor SUV, built on the basis of the truck Ford F-250. Top version of the model will be offered with power of 650 hp

Osemmestniyat VelociRaptor SUV is a modern interpetatsiya of Ford Excursion can be equipped with SUV suspension reinforced rear bumper, extra stops, winch manufactured by Warn company and all terrain tires.

The model will be available with several units. The basic version will get a 6.2-liter V8, developing 411 k. The same engine, but with two compressors will be available in versions with 600 and 650 hp Moreover Hennessey has prepared and diesel version with 6.7-liter V8, which relies on 440 hp and 1191 Nm of torque.

Making each rover will take about six months, with prices starting from $ 160,000. A month ago Hennessey Performance started production of pickup VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged, whose basis is the model Ford F-150 FX SuperCrew. It relies on a 5.0-liter V8 with 600 hp

One of the cars that Toyota will show the exhibition for tuning SEMA, represents SUV minivan, called the Ultimate Utility Vehicle.

The machine is based on the truck Tacoma, but is furnished with the interior of the minivan Sienna. It is processed with new bumpers for off-road, additional lights, winch, wider fenders, special tires and matt black paint.

Japanese company did not specify what engine drives their Ultimate Utility Vehicle. However, it appears that the car is not just an exhibition copy and fully operational machine.

It will be used for the project Ever-Better Expedition. It will enable Toyota engineers to tour the most obscure parts of North America, using vehicles which they themselves have designed.

“Ever-Better Expedition aims to get the engineers and designers at their desks and give them the opportunity to try out the different terrains vehicles which they themselves have created,” the statement said.

All details of the Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle will be revealed at the Motor Show tuning SEMA in Las Vegas, USA.